México CuerpoS FolklóricoS



This show was prepared for the International Internet Dance Festival “SideBySide-Net” in Dusseldorf, Germany where Jaciel Neri was awarded with the 1st Place.

The program shows the Mexican cultural richness and it´s fascinating transformations that we can observe. This show was created by Jaciel Neri based in his personal experience of being a traditional Mexican dancer and how did he transform his knowledge to being a contemporary dance. For him his is a tribute for all Mexicans.

This show bets to the search of a folkloric scenic dance and the folkloric contemporary dance integrating sound elements and multimedia.

Part I “The richness of our past”
Part II “The vitality of our present with the richness of our past”

Scenic Direction and Choreography: Jaciel Neri
Direction Assistant: Lorena Azcona
Light Design: Jaciel Neri
Produced by: Moving Borders and iN – Muestra de Arte Escénico
Production: Art Center of Guanajuato (Mexico) and Moving Borders