Don Guajolote



This is a piece that invites to wake up the imagination. It´s inspired in Mexican barn yards and many rural houses in Mexico.

Who hasn´t played to imitate an animal? How much have we discovered and learned about our context observing animals?

Don Guajolote was realized durind and artistic residence of Moving Borders in CO-production with the Art Center of Guanajuato Mexico in 2011.

Choreography and Direction: Jaciel Neri
Producer: Lorena Azcona
Performers: Hana Ruzanska, Arely Delgado, Edgar Quevedo y Víctor Villasana.
Music: Alejandro Aguilar
Kids musicians: Ana M. Troncoso, Andrés Díaz, Luis Ángel Aguirre, Alejandro S. Aguilar Arely Almanza.
Light design: Jaciel Neri
Costume: LEKE y Moving Borders
Produced by: Moving Borders and CAMP_iN
CO-Production: Arts Center of Guanajuato and Moving Borders