CBC / Control Being Controlled



Control Being Controlled is a piece that shows the body in with the others, this explorations is though live electronics.

We can observe easily how a group of people can be controlled and how other persons who doesn´t agree to be controlled make them start a flight between bodies trying to show superiority and to prove who has the control.

This piece is an international interdisciplinary project, it shows the research and investigation with technology in scenic arts.

The debut of the piece was in 2009 in Mexico City, with artists form Germany, Czech Republic and Mexico.

Original Idea, Sound Design, Audio and viedo programmer: Johannes Schmidt
Performers: Beatriz Navarro, Hana Ruzanska y Jaciel Neri
Light Design: Jésica Elizondo o Jaciel Neri
Produced by: Moving Borders and iN – Muestra de Arte Escénico