Leandro Kees and 5 Mexican performers explores different emotional states and the relation between thoughts and sensations as a way to transform physical expressions in a scenic speech beyond words.

His interest is the research of communication and the possibilities of connection with the audience and the performers.

How do you create a sincerity situation? What is honest? What is real? What is not real? Why?

Antropomorfia investigates about this questions in a performative context, it plays with performing and overacting limits.

To create this project we selected 5 Mexican performers that in an artistic residence worked with Leandro to make the 2nd edition of this piece which was originally performed in Germany 2010.
This project had the support of the Mexican Cultural Institute through the program “Mexico en Escena” by Coordinación Nacional de Danza del INBA (the Dance National Coordination Institute) in 2010.

Choreography: Leandro Kees (Argentina/ Germany)
Choreographic Assistant: Julia Mota Carvalho ( Holland /Brazil)
Dancers / Performers: Diana Sánchez Rodríguez, Karina Terán, Tzitzi Benavides Trejo, Edgar Espinosa Avilés, Victor Villasana.
Light Design: Jesica Elizondo or Jaciel Neri
Photography: Ricardo Ramírez Arriola
Produced by: Moving Borders in México and iN – Muestra de Arte Escénico en México Producer: Coordinación Nacional de Danza del INBA (Dance National Coordination Institute)